Miva Gallery in Zweden

13 – 16 February – Art Fair The Antique, Stockholm

MPV gallery, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Kroon Gallery in Den Haag


14 juni – 29 sept Dreamscapes Imaginary Realism, Viechtach Germany

April 2019 Kroongallery Den Haag with series ‘Behind the seen’ and ‘Skin’

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht, round collages of paper ‘Skin’

juni-aug Dreamscapes
Hedendaags Imaginair Realisme
met Digitale Collages uit de serie
Behind the seen
Zuivelmarkt 50 Hasselt


Maart 2017 – sept 2017

The  Public House of Art met Digitale Collages ‘Cry if you want to’

April 2016- maart 2017

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht Digitale Collages ‘Behind the seen’

The Public House Art is naar verschillende kunstbeurzen geweest met mijn serie ‘Cry if you want to’: Art AAF NY Spring, AAF Hampstead, Context New York, Pampelonne Art Fair, AAF Battersea Fall, AAF Stockholm.


Public House of Art

Arte Fiera Bologna

LA Art Show

AAF Brussels

Scope NY

AAF NY Spring 2016

Art Breda

Art Market San Francisco

MIA Milan



Art Athina

ZK Gallery San Francisco


AAF Battersea Spring 2015

AAF Maastricht

AAF Hong Kong


Art Athina

AAF Hampstead

Art Laren

Art Southampton

Art Nocturne Knocke


Art Fair Cologne

AAF Stockholm


AAF Amsterdam

AAF Hamburg

AAF Singapore

Scope Miami

2015 – Citizen M New York

2015 – Peformance ‘Look at me’ Public House of Art in de etalage

2015 – ‘The Awesome’ The Public House of Art Amsterdam

2015 – Theatre performance Poging 2.0 with Theatremaker Suze van Miltenburg

2012 –  Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, represented by Gallery Walls ‘Touch me’ and ‘Hide’

2010 – Gallery Art trading Holland Paintings and drawings  ‘Vreemd feestje’ / ‘Strange Party’

2010 – Gallery Walls, Paintings and drawings  ‘Vreemd feestje’ / ‘Strange Party’

2010 – Open Ateliers, Paintings and drawings ‘Vreemd feestje’ / ‘Strange Party’

2009  – Fijnhouttheater ‘Als lachen ver gaat’ /‘If laughing perishes’ and ‘See you in hell’

2005 – 1-minute movie, ‘Fantastische verleiding’/ ‘fantastic temptation’ at Montevideo and

Theatre festival Boulevard in Den Bosch

2004 – Galerie Buuf in Amsterdam, paintings and short movie ‘Als lachen ver gaat’ /

‘If laughing perishes’

2004 – Gallery Willem3 in Vlissingen, paintings and short movie ‘Als lachen ver gaat’ /

‘If laughing perishes’

2004 – Young talent exhibition Grafisch atelier Den Bosch, etsen

Art Fair Antique Stockholm

At the first day of the Antique Art Fair in Stockholm, Miva sold my artwork 'Vayenne' to a happy new owner.

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My art to Sweden

I am so happy to tell you that my art is also represented by Miva Gallery in Sweden.

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MPV Gallery

Finally I can tell you that I have a collaboration with MPV Gallery in 's-Hertogenbosch. Three of my digital artworks are presented in the gallery. The artwork Claartje, Frederique and Evaline. In the picture you see me unpacking the artworks.

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Almost finished my mixed media artwork

I am working in my atelier at the mixed media artwork 'Last apples'. This artwork is made of acrylic paint and thousands pieces of glossy magazines to create layering to emphasize the complexity of humanity. It is a landscape of people in which the craziness of this time and my world comes together.

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Expositie in Hasselt

Groepsexpositie 'Dreamscapes'
Hedendaags Imaginair Realisme
met Digitale Collages uit de serie
'Behind the seen'
Zuivelmarkt 50 Hasselt

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Collage experiment 2.0

I am experimenting with the medium of collage. With paint and without, small and large size, black / white and color, layering, thickness and depth.

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Sculpture Mickey smokes

Ones a week I'll do ceramics. I am experimenting with clay.
Here a sculpture of Mickey Mouse with a sagging belly, tired eyes smoking a cigarette. What would our comic strip heroes look like in real life behind the scenes?

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Collages 1.0

I collected a lot old glossy magazines. Looking for the right colors, skin pieces, noses and eyes. And put them together to find a new interesting image.

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