Digital Art

My digital collages are inspired by the inexhaustible fantasy and curiosity of children about the world. Children are so real, sincere, open and playful. They still have a vulnerability and naivety that I admire. Children can keep looking at you without looking away. They make contact without words. That way of making contact fascinates me.

My digital collages show children in bright colors with an ‘open mind’. Their open eyes and somewhat chubby cheeks accentuate a childish innocence. They get a doll-like appearance that stands in the middle between being human and a puppet. These children symbolize innocence, playfulness and vulnerability. They look at the world with natural curiosity.

I like the directness of a frontal portrait, there is no way out. Because they look at you, as only a child can, very directly without looking away.

It is challenging to create a new image with existing material. Some of my collages are the mix of 20 different characters. It is a patchwork of people. In collages I can emphasize our differences and similarities. I create a new person from many different people with different skin colors, this shows how we are connected. People are focused at the differences, while I think we are more “one”. Longing for the same things and having the same struggles.

I think it is important that my work radiates something positive. Hopefully it makes you smile and secondly it maybe makes you think about the way we make contact.

The making process

When I start working at an artwork, I collect the material while I make it. I have an image in my head and then I look for pictures of the right eyes or hands, skin and ears. I cut them roughly and look for the right position and proportions. When she looks at me and she comes to life, I know I am on the right track.

I collect images of children, mostly girls and women from old glossy magazines or pictures from the internet and from my two daughters and friends. I also regularly use parts of myself, my hands in a specific position, mouth with lipstick, a piece of my cheek etc.

I make my artworks in photoshop or make them by hand. I cut out the parts of the face and body very roughly, with straight angles, I don’t want to make it more beautiful. I want you to see the lines and the layers. I do only edit the colors sometimes.

Combinations of different skin colors and playing with the proportions of the body and face creates an estrangement that I think is fascinating. For example, I combine adult hands with the face of a child, I make the eyes bigger, the ears smaller and I use photos of plants, animals, fabrics, food and clothing items. In the artwork Josephine I made a dress of candy and the artwork Evaline has wings of a bird as a collar.

The Limited Edtion artworks are made with the best materials. All editions are checked, numbered and signed by me. The digital artworks are printed and sublimated on 2 mm aluminum and have a lifelong quality guarantee.

Signed Certificate

The digital artworks are limited edition HDFinish prints on aluminum on black forex with hanging or are mounted in a luxurious modern black aluminium frame. All editions are controlled, numbered and signed by Barbara van den Berg.

HD Finish

HDFinish is a sublimation technique that meets high quality standard requirements. The prints, made by Re-art in Almere, are made on metal through the process of color sublimation. With the help of this full color printing technique, images are not printed on the metal surface, but inks and pigments are directly introduced into specially coated aluminum plates under extreme heat.

The result is a high quality artwork with brilliant colors, sharpness and unparalleled brightness and liveliness. HD Finish is color-retaining, water-resistant and and have a quality guarantee, durable minimum 50 years. A frame is attached to the backside of the aluminum panel so that the artwork is ready to hang. The result you see is a phenomenal work of art on your wall.


The artworks are also available as paper prints. The prints are made on museum-quality paper, Photo Rag Fine 308 gsm.
This paper produces very bright, deep colors. They are embossed, signed and have a limited edition number. It comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.
Limited edition is 12.
The print is 37.5 x 50 cm with white border 47.5 x 60 cm.