Almost finished my mixed media artwork

I am working in my atelier at the mixed media artwork 'Last apples'. This artwork is made of acrylic paint and thousands pieces of glossy magazines…

Expositie in Hasselt

Groepsexpositie 'Dreamscapes' Hedendaags Imaginair Realisme met Digitale Collages uit de serie 'Behind the seen' Zuivelmarkt 50 Hasselt

Collage experiment 2.0

I am experimenting with the medium of collage. With paint and without, small and large size, black / white and color, layering, thickness and depth.

Sculpture Mickey smokes

Ones a week I'll do ceramics. I am experimenting with clay. Here a sculpture of Mickey Mouse with a sagging belly, tired eyes smoking a cigarette.…

Collages 1.0

I collected a lot old glossy magazines. Looking for the right colors, skin pieces, noses and eyes. And put them together to find a new interesting…

Interview in Public House of Art

Interview with Public House of Art. Lifestyle Experience interviews The Public House of Art about my work.

Citizen M hotel New York

Citizen M hotel in New York has chosen two digital artworks to put them in 100 of their rooms. Artwork of a twin ‘Gemini’ and an artwork of ‘Marilyn…

AAF Hampstead London

Artwork in Hilton Hotel Rotterdam

My painting Athena has been exhibited for a few months in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam.

Opening Public House of Art ‘The awesome’

Grand opening Public House of Art Public House of Art was festively opened last Thursday. My artworks, both digital collages and paintings, were…