9 March 2017
Opening Public House of Art ‘The devil inside me’
With artworks of the series ‘Cry if you want t0’

Here Barbara has taken a walk on the dark side as she composites multiple photographs into one to create childlike images of some of history’s darkest dictators, as well as sitting US President Donald J. Trump. It bears the question we’ve all considered at one point, what were these powerful and destructive men like as children? What was the occurrence that ripped away their fragile innocence we are all born with? True to herself, Barbara’s message in these works is not dark, but a gentle reminder that we all start off with the purest of naivety about the world, and as adults we must strive to keep this strength within us. Even these seemingly heartless men experience beauty, sadness, and fragility, and only through an open and slightly naive heart can we make our way out of these dark times stronger than we came in.

20 februari 2017
Expositie in het Kruisheren hotel in Maastricht

Tijdens het Tefaf in Maastricht hangt mijn nieuwe serie digitale colleges ‘Behind the seen’ in het Kruisherenhotel. De kunstwerken hangen er tot 1 maart 2018.

19 Januar 2017
First prints of new series

So exiting, I went to Plexi-art in hoofddorp to see the first prints of the new series ‘Behind the seen’ with the glossy baroque frame. Looks beautiful.

21 Oktober 2015
Opening Public House of Art

At the opening of Public House of Art with the exhibition ‘The awesome’ I did a performance with my sister Fleur van den Berg, a theatremaker in the window of Public House of Art. The clothes were made by Noor van Spaendonck.
We slowly changed our postures, like the postures of the artworks of ‘Look at me’.

AAF Hampstead London

Exhibition with Public House of Art in London with the serie ‘Look at me’.

8 februar 2016
L’officiel Magazine

An article about my art in L’officiel Magazine.