Digital Collage 2015
Serie ‘Look at me’
Edition of 30
Sizes of prints:
House 22,4 x 30 cm
Villa 60 x 80 cm
Mansion 90 x 120 cm
Castle 125 x 166,7 cm
Available at Public House of Art

This series of twelve poppy, colourful, digital collages sees gods and goddesses reborn through a combination of previously produced photographs.

Description of the artwork by Public House of Art:
Three old men. We join them at what seems to be a children’s party (although the whisky on the table may suggest otherwise..?), decked out in Micky Mouse ears (a signature of the artist), and a paper crown, these three miscreants have been sent to shock. Proteus is referred to as the “Old Man of the Sea” by Homer, yet he can also be translated as “capable of assuming many forms” hence we have these three cheeky chaps, almost identical in their age, wrinkles and grey wispy hair.